• Routine Inspections (every 3 years)
  • AXTS (annual X-ray test service)
  • Repair
  • Referring to the radiation guidelines you must have a routine inspection of your x-ray equipment carried out at least every 3 years however, this will not adequately cover the health and safety regulations that you ensure your X-ray equipment is safe for use. Therefore you should consider an annual electrical and mechanical safety check (AXTS) to ensure the continued safe use of your equipment.

    Dental Edge UK Ltd have worked closely with an RPA and MPE to comply with IRR17 to carry out inspections from the point of installation to annual service checks to ensure you comply in the safe use of your X-ray equipment.  We will issue a reminder well in advance to ensure you remain compliant.

    Mandatory Requirements

    • HSE must be notified 28 days before:
      • the start of the routine use of dental X-ray equipment, or
      • where there is a change of premises, or
      • a change of ownership of the practice, or
      • when there has been a ‘material change’ in the use of ionising radiation (eg use isotopes as well as/or instead of x-rays)
    • Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) – an individual or body who is recognised by the HSE to act as an RPA.
    • Radiation Protection Supervisor – normally a dentist at the practice but a suitably qualified dental nurse/hygienist/therapist can fulfil this role
    • A copy of the local Rules specific to each machine
    • Prior risk assessment, restriction of exposure, maintenance and examining of engineering controls, contingency plans, controlled areas
    • Information and instruction training must be provided for all persons associated with dental radiography.
    • Quality Assuarance programme which shall include adequate testing of dental X-ray equipment prior to first clinical use and then routinely after (carried out at least every 3 years)

    For further details and a competitive quotation for our equipment inspections please call 01928 262128 or complete our Contact Us form.