Dental Edge UK carry out validations to HTM 01-05

HTM 01-05 requires that the equipment used during the decontamination processes are regularly checked by the practice daily and weekly, and a qualified validation engineer either quarterly or annually checks and tests your equipment in accordance with the machines / manufacturers guidance.

Standards and Guidance

Which standards and guidance are applicable to your dental practice depends on where you are in the country.
England, Scotland and Wales have different standards and guidance that cover similar topics. The ones relevant to your practice are defined by geographical location.

England = HTM 01-05

Wales = WHTM 01-05

Scotland = SHTM 01-05 Currently in development. Other helpful guidance can be found here (Health Facilities Scotland - NHS)

HTM 01-05

Section 2: Essential quality requirements and best practice 

Paragraph 4n - Equipment used to decontaminate dental instruments should be fit for purpose and validated. This means that the device should be commissioned, maintained and periodically tested by a Competent Person (Decontamination) or service engineer, that records of maintenance should be kept and that correct functioning should be monitored and recorded.