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BS EN ISO 10637

Current international standards which ensure the safety of dental suction systems require the following:

Suction systems require a minimum of 250 litres of air per minute at a 16mm (plus or minus 1mm) aspirator tip with a minimum vacuum of 140 mbar and a maximum vacuum of 250 mbar.

HTM 2022 - Supplement 1

This guidance states in paragraph 4.35:

For high volume systems (dry or wet), the system performance should be based on a flow rate of 300 l/min at each dental chair cannula connector.

How to check?

An engineer will be able to check this for you. If you are located in the South West we can perform this test for you and carry out any necessary repairs. 

If you wish to be able to check vacuum flow rates yourself then consider buying a vacuum flow rate gauge. Cattani or Durr version available. 

What can be done to ensure maximum air flow?

  • Follow all cleaning procedures recommended for your equipment i.e. using Orotol daily and MD555 weekly with a Durr Suction motor. Alternatively Puli-Jet daily and weekly with a Cattani suction motor. 
  • Replace any damaged or collapsed suction tubing.  You can purchase replacement tubing from our website if you are unsure what tubing you need please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to assist. 

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