Pressure Vessel Inspections – Written Scheme of Examination

  • Compressor pressure vessel inspection ( Compressor PVI )
  • Autoclave pressure vessel inspection ( PVI )  (N,B and S type)

It is a mandatory requirement that compressors and autoclaves are regularly inspected by a competent person. Our engineers are qualified to complete a full Written Scheme of Examination in accordance with the PSSR 2000. Without a valid inspection you may be invalidating your practice insurance. We will issue a reminder well in advance to ensure you remain compliant.

Why is it important?

  • As an employer you must ensure that all work equipment is safe and in good working condition
  • Each vessel must be inspected at regular intervals as specified on the Written Scheme of Examination
  • A written report must be provided at each inspection detailing the condition of the vessel(s)
  • Each vessel must be serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations
  • Records of servicing and inspection must be kept
  • All members of staff must be fully trained in the operation of autoclaves prior to use.

Helpful link - HSE.GOV.UK PSSR 2000 

Why we are just what you’re looking for!

  • Conveniently arranged appointments to fit around your busy schedule
  • Service reports provided are compliant with CQC standards
  • We will remind you of annual/bi-annual routine servicing of your dental equipment to ensure your equipment servicing is up-to-date
  • On-site training and advice to get the most from your equipment

For further details and a competitive quotation for our equipment inspections please call 01928 262128 or complete our Contact Us form.